Thursday, April 24, 2008

My computer has been resuscitated

Yesterday afternoon, my husband the hero brought in a computer repair person, who rescued my desktop from the trash heap. My floppy drive is now officially kaput, and only my husband can figure out how to get either my CDR drive or my DVD drive to work, but I'm grateful for large favors.

I was less than pleased to discover, however, that some of the files that I thought I'd backed up on the external hard drive were nowhere to be found. :( I ended up using the list of the files I'd saved on the Punster's old laptop as a guide, copying the original e-mailed versions directly onto the desktop. I'm going to have to be more scrupulous about checking to ensure that files that I think I've saved on the external hard drive have actually been saved. But for the time being, all's well, or as well as possible with a nearly-five-year-old computer.

And now for the fun: While the cat was away, this mouse did play--I uploaded a bunch of photos to my office computer (there being no storage space to speak of on my husband's old laptop) yesterday morning while the boss was out for Chol HaMoed, and set up some posts. Shira's Shots, comin' right up.


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